We are proud to say that ACM has gained respect and customer satisfaction worldwide. Our mission and goal is to provide certification services to our customers in a professional and friendly atmosphere. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority by delivering the following: 

 i) Highest Quality Service
ii) Value Added
iii) Cost Effectiveness
​iv) Affordable

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Why Choose ACM For Your ISO Certification?

ACM achieved UKAS registration in February 2005. UKAS is very well known around the world and has over 3000 customers worldwide. Accredited with ACM means your customers will gain full confidence that you are accepted and recognize internationally.

ACM represents certification services in Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand,UAE, Germany,Turkey, Japan, USA and Canada. ACM has a large scope of accreditation from UKAS and is continually striving to increase its' scope to encompass more business activities. ACM believes in satisfying results and building customer confidence. Customer care and service is ACM’s number one priority.